This is not a butter knife! Keychain knives come for as little as $5, and can even be as costly as $100, depending upon the brand, the build, and the attachments. Trending Gear Buying Guides Submit. SOG is probably best known for their tactical-focused bladed tools — including things like combat knives, hatchets and tomahawks, and (of course) EDC folding blades. There are some very popular brands around, and there’s a reason why they became popular. Best keychain knives in 2020 | Compact Knives Suitable for Daily Use! Top 15 Best Small Pocket Knives in 2020 . The overall length of the knife is 2.6 inches when open and 1.70 inches when closed. Put a keyring knife on your child’s keeps back into the house. The LST Ultralight has existed for over 20 years, but hasn’t changed one bit. If they’re walking home from school every day, it’s reasonable to be worried. Cool! Guides, Pens. The texture on the handle provides good three-finger grip, so it won’t slip out of your hand. At the butt end of the handle there’s a generous sized loop for attaching the knife to a keychain for innocuous transport. You can keep it in the pocket of your work shirt for quick, easy retrieval. This cool looking little knife (Delilah’s P.E.C.K. While they might seem small and inconsequential to the rest of the human race, you know that a first-rate keychain knife can be an invaluable ally and/or an indispensable last line of defense should you ever need it. Top 10 Best Keychain Multitool | Buyer’s Guide 2020 2 months ago 0 Comments In Fact, In picking this keychain multitool, we have considered a lot of factors to find the best out of them. At only 0.16 ounces, this is one of the most lightweight knives that you can ever find. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Size: A keychain knife should be no bigger or heavier than a set of keys. The best keychain flashlights basically disappear in your pockets. The 1.4-inch blade has an upswept tip offering ample cutting edge. The high carbon blade retains a nice sharp edge and resharpens easily when need be. It also features both small and medium standard screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener and more. With the full tang construction you can use every micron of that surface and really lean into your work without ever having to worry that the blade might give way. Affordable at under $20, this sturdy, compact design is great for all-round use. It’s lightweight and disappears into your pocket. There is no other tool included either. Be sure to also check out our list of the best Karambit knives for more great items like this. But not all keychain knives will perform the same. Most knives come with a keyring and bottle opener, but good ones also come with a nail filer, scissors, screwdriver, toothpick, and tweezers. This keychain knife has a Japanese VG-10 steel blade, and it comes with a frame lock to keep the blade in place when open. Check Price. Don’t forget to also check our selection of the best Benchmade pocket knives. Since the handle isn’t metal, you can carry the knife along with your keys with adding to the jingle in your pockets. Even though the blade doesn’t have a replacement, the thick edge makes sure it lasts a long time. Oiling your knife is only so good; the knife has to be clean first. If you like knives, make sure you also check our automatic knives review. The Cinder is one of the more comfortable keychain knives you’ll have a chance to hold. Our smartphones are our lives. The thumb-stud facilitates easy one-handed opening, while the lightweight design prevents excess bulk. Conclusion on the Cold Steel Micro Recon 1: Don’t laugh at how small it is; the Micro Recon 1 is a workforce for everyday tasks. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Perfect little tool for keeping with you or gifting others. The best keychain multi-tools are lightweight, pocket-able, and practically disappear in your pockets. The blade of the knife is made from Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel with black Tuff-Ex coating. Opening packages sucks—do it with flair and style with your keychain knife. Jonathan Tayag. Check Price Now ! The blade is 1.34 inches long, and comes ultra sharp out of the box. Keychain knives are useful because they’re the last thing that an assailant would ever expect. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or going on an outdoor adventure, the humble knife can prove to be vital and useful in a number of situations (you should not have to watch Expendables, 24, or The Hunted to figure this out!). Conclusion on the Gerber GDC Zip Blade: This product from Gerber is made in the US, and is designed to meet all your everyday blade needs. Snap-on Tools has a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation. 10 Best Best Keychain Knife - September 2020. While the versatility of Small Pocket Knife implement is impressive don’t expect it to win any awards for “most beautiful keychain knife”. Our guide to the top tactical knives offers more great knife options. The CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K. A keychain knife is meant to look like just another set of keys in your pocket. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Black, 58mm . When the going gets tough, nothing beats the security of a solid fixed blade on your hip. A keychain knife is mostly used for self-defense purposes, but you can absolutely get your use out of it with other things. The red, contoured handle feels just right in your hand and with the secure lockback in place you don’t ever have to worry about blade related mishaps. If you’re in a car crash, use it to cut your seatbelt. Gerber generally doesn’t like to mess with what is already perfect. 10 Best Keychain Flashlights for EDC in 2020. Whether you need to uncork a bottle or need a pair of scissors urgently, having a multipurpose keychain chain is a wise idea. The scales on the handle are CNC milled to not only create a stylish design but also help with a proper grip. The overall length of the knife is 0.62 inches when open and 2.65 inches when closed. But at less than $10, this is one gem of a keychain knife that you can carry everywhere without feeling like you’re carrying a weapon. Apart from being great in a pinch, especially if you’re in the carport late at night and you want to remain anonymous in your defensive techniques, it’s a great multitool. The 2 1/8 inch blade on this keychain knife doesn’t wilt when you need it for serious applications, including self-defense. You may also like our review of the best diving knives so check it out. Category: Gear. 10 Best Keychain Flashlights in 2020. It also locks solid, just like an EDC knife. The Manbug also has a slightly smaller version called Ladybug, targeted at women. 9. Keychain knives are capable of a lot, so you can safely by a lightweight one without worrying about functionality. They’re presented here in no particular order and with the understanding that any one of them would make an effective addition to your everyday carry. Below are the top ten keychain knives. Conclusion on the Boker Plus CLB Subcom Titan: With a very strong blade material, unique design, quality, and lightweight feature, this little knife is something every knife connoisseur should own. July 13, 2020. The keyring is an ideal place for attaching a small flashlight. Whether you need to cut a twine or slice open a box, this compact and efficient GDC Zip Blade can handle all your emergency blade needs. If you take a few steps to keep your knife sharp and useful, you’ll always be able to rely on it when you need to. If you’re serious about survival gear and are the kind of person who likes to be prepared for any eventuality then you’ve no doubt thought about the best keychain knives. If you want your EDC to be both practical and stylish this is the keychain knife for you. You might be reading this on one right now. Marketed as the smallest knife in the Spyderco family, the Bug SS has an open length of 2.87 inches, and a closed length of 1.6 inches, with 1.3-inch blade being made of 3Cr13 stainless steel. While many wouldn’t agree, it cannot be denied that the need for a knife can arise at any time. That way you’re able to get the absolute maximum out of the 1 1/4 inch blade. You can use the Micro Recon 1 not only for small tasks such as cutting open your Amazon packages, but also for more serious tasks. © 2018 SURVIVOR'S FORTRESS. Pros: (+) Lightweight and compact size (+) Sturdy steel construction (+) Sharp edge and tip Cons: (-) The Tanto design is below satisfactory (-) No pocket clip. Just don’t try to open your car door with them, that would be the wrong decision. If you’re into the minimalist design you’ll love the Grand Way. A: If you’re smart about how you plan out your EDC, then you know one thing: you can never have enough usefulness out of every single object on your person. Login. Buying a product online is a little different because you can’t hold and feel the product to ascertain the quality. This one can come in handy as a survival knife as well. The knife is about 2.6 inches closed, and a little over 3 inches open. The knife weighs 2.3 ounces, and comes with limited lifetime warranty. The whole thing folds up tight and flat into the glass nylon handle and will slip neatly into your pocket. Pros: (+) Tiny and cute (+) Super sharp (+) Sturdy and efficient (+) Comfortable to use Cons: (-) Too small for one-handed use (-) Can get lost. Also pleasing is the fact that this keychain knife tips the scales a very modest .6 oz and that the blade is composed of the same high carbon 420 steel of the best keychain knives out there. You can use it to peel an orange at work (without scaring everyone with a knife) or use it open packages. The end result is a much slimmer pen knife with the same small blade, nail file/screw driver, and scissors you’d expect. 10 Best Fountain Pens for EDC in 2020. 1. Most keychain knives are between 0.5 and 0.7 inches when closed, and when open, the blade extends another inch or so. Knife enthusiasts would love to carry their everyday carry knives everywhere, but such a prospect is highly impractical. If both partners are knife enthusiasts, the pair could make a nice gift or collectible. Sharpen – A dull knife is no good. If you’re looking for a really tiny knife that disappears in your pocket, you should be looking at the Spyderco Manbug. There are budget options, as well as expensive ones that come with a number of attachments. The Mini Buck Folding Knife is a classic keychain knife with a relatively short 1 7/8 inch 420 high carbon stainless steel drop point blade, a black Valox handle that’s big enough to grasp comfortably and a large keychain ring so you’re never without it. Kershaw Cinder (1025X) Multifunction Pocket Knife, 1.4-inch High Performance 3Cr13 Steel Blade with... 9.5. There’s a nice big lanyard hole so the keychain knife will lay flat in your pocket. The total length of the closed knife is 2.9 inches, which is about the size of a car key. Since there is no metal lining to the handle, it makes the knife even lighter. It features a lockback design to make sure the blade stays in place when open. As such it’s no surprise they’d produce a keychain knife that’s both incredibly functional and attractive. This will be an extra safety measure. Unless you’re home and your ring is hanging on the hook, your keys are somewhere on you, whether it’s hanging from your belt or in your back pocket. The tanto blade is sharp as a straight razor and the fact that it comes with a pocket clip means you don’t have to confine it to your trouser pockets. Detail Reviews of Best Keychain Knife in 2020: 1. The knife doesn’t come with a keychain, but can be attached to your existing keyring easily. It is not an easy task to choose the Best Mini Knife For Keychain if you aren’t a frequent buyer. The blade has a very sharp tip good for piercing, and the blade is easy to sharpen. Rank Product Name Score; 1. 21 seconds ago 0 Comments. Just be sure to keep it sharpened. But a keychain knife it is and one for which you’ll find myriad applications from self-defense to opening packages to gutting fish. 20 Best Pocket Knives for EDC in 2020 Top 5 EDC Multi-tools Under $50 The Best Keychain Multi-tools in 2020 When it comes to everyday carry, having the right tool for the job can determine your success. The 1 3/8 inch high carbon blade is hollowed out in the center to reduce weight and there’s a generous hole at the butt end of the handle for attaching it to your keychain; which is really where this knife belongs. But when you flip it open, it reveals a sharp stainless steel blade. We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase products we link. Rank . We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase … Keychain knives are mostly legal, compact, and easy to carry every day. The SOG Centi I keychain knife sports a no-nonsense design that maximizes the cutting edge and provides a firm, safe grip no matter the application. Knives Flashlights Multitools Watches Pens Gadgets Keychains Wallets Bags Notebooks. It’s kind of the whole point. The knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty and covers manufacturing defects. The blade is 440C carbon stainless, the anodized aluminum handle comes in 6 different colors and the knife carries an unconditional 90 money back warranty. The Best Overall Keychain Knife: KeySmart Dapper 100 Keychain KeySmart. Oil – You should always oil your knife appropriately. It has a secure lock back feature that protects your fingers from accidental closing and is corrosion resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. The Mini Buck Folding Knife is a classic keychain knife with a relatively short 1 7/8 inch 420 high carbon stainless steel drop point blade, a black Valox handle that’s big enough to grasp comfortably and a large keychain ring so you’re never without it. To make sure you get only the best, you should buy only from known or proven brands (though this is not always the case – perhaps a new business is putting out a stellar product for a decent price – every fantastic business has to start somewhere). 9.8. With a sharp blade and grippy handle, this is an ideal tool to keep in your purse, pocket, or car, and is capable of much more than just opening boxes for you. Even though not too tiny, the knife is light enough to carry with your set of keys or in your purse. Some objects can be cut or opened by hand but the same does not apply for every object. It’s small, compact, grippy, and strong enough to last everyday use. 14 Best Small Pocket Knives in 2020 - When it comes to your EDC knife, size matters. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. He misses Saudi food and living in Korea. Don’t saturate the thing, but do keep it oiled and return to this at least once every three months. The retractable blade can be concealed safely. Though small and easy to conceal, they are highly useful. Pros: (+) Lightweight and compact (+) Sharp Blade (+) Sleek design Cons: (-) Too small for large hands. From cutting logs to make a fire to hunting animals for food, the earliest humans did everything with these sharp tools that they made out of rocks and stones. The StatGear Pocket Samurai goes in the opposite direction from those keychain knives that embrace curvilinear design. Check Price at Amazon. Limited lifetime warranty included. The blade’s rugged stonewashed finish easily hides scratches and fingerprints, keeping the shine intact. 75 Likes 16 Comments 31 Shares Related Gear: The Best CR123A Flashlights of 2017 … What size will comfortably fit in your pocket or purse? This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Keychain Knife, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 5Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Keychain Knife. It’s a pleasure to hold and the 1 3/4 inch curved blade optimizes the cutting surface. 3. Attachments: Keychain knives – especially the branded ones – usually come with a lot of attachments. It is easy to clip onto your keychain, or let it float free in your pocket. The handle is made of satin-finished stainless steel, and is slip resistant. You may need to use a special kind of knife for the same. There are large knives for making mince meat and smaller ones for self-defense. Columbia River Knife and Tool Delilah’s P.E.C.K, The 10 Best Folding Knives For Self-Defense, 7 Best Karambit Knives: Folding And Fixed Blade Options. Score . TOP 15 BEST KEYCHAIN KNIFE IN 2020. by sambath Posted on November 25, 2018 June 17, 2020. Since the handle is made from steel, you can safely use it for heavy-duty tasks without fear of breakage. The Swiss Army Classic SD also features a screwdriver, scissors, nail file, toothpick and tweezers and at less than 1 oz it will disappear effectively into your pocket until called upon. This small, portable knife has a handle made of lightweight synthetic with tactile texturing while 420HC steel has been used to make the blade. The Snap-On 871008 Key Ring Knife represents the current gold standard of design when it comes to keychain knives and in just a few short inches manages to embody all the virtues of a first-rate EDC knife: lightweight, durability, a sharp reliable blade, comfort, and affordability. Unlike other keychain knives that are held open by a lock, this knife doesn’t feature a locking mechanism. There’s a nice big lanyard hole so you can attach it to your keychain easily and the money clip keeps a fair number of bills safe and secure. The textured glass-filled nylon handle has good three-finger grip. You should not expect to obtain a high-quality knife or even an average quality knife for $5. At a Glance: Our Choices for The 10 Best Keychain Knives, Things to Consider When Choosing a Keychain Knife. The Micron 2 is golden but this is not the gift you want to give your mother in law. Bad Hmmm Oke Good! The best keychain knives are compact and always on hand. You’ve got a knife; use it. It weighs a little more than a keychain, and is a versatile tool to keep in your pocket. Instead, the blade is kept in place by resistant pressure at the pivot area. You cannot imagine how small it is until you see it for yourself, but it’s easy to open with one hand, and also has fantastic grip. AUS 8A Stainless is used to create the pointed blade which also sports a black Tuff-Ex Coating to help it resist corrosion. Love this product? Founded in 1939 and based in Portland, Oregon, Gerber specializes in utility tools that make life easier. But unless you’re a contractor, the idea of carrying an entire tool box everywhere is simply impractical. Survivor’s Fortress participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. A large number of people still look at the knife as only a weapon. Pros: (+) Ultra small and lightweight (+) Easy to hold and use (+) Comes razor sharp Cons: (-) Doesn’t come with a keyring (-) Can be expensive at $35. All features are easy to access and there’s a nifty little clip to attach it to your keychain where it belongs. There’s also a metal pocket clip for easy attachment. When clipped to your keychain it appears to be a marker of some kind but when opened it reveals itself to be an effective self-defense knife, though some practice will likely be required to master it. The super sharp knife is easy to pop in and out, and the sturdy handle makes one-handed use a breeze. Knives Flashlights Multitools Watches Pens Gadgets Keychains Wallets Bags Notebooks. 2. Old Timer 1OT’s got a deliberate throwback look that never goes out of style and it’s a nice compact size so carrying it on your keychain is not the impossible dream as it can be for some keychain knives. If you’ve noticed gunk getting in the crevices, a knife’s tip can clean it up just right. stainless steel and features a small cut out intended to aid one-handed opening. That blade also has a serrated section on the spine that provides something almost no other keychain knife does: the ability to hack through small branches, hard plastic and myriad other things. Fortunately, you have come to the right place as we will be guiding you in your search for the best keychain swiss army knife available in the market. In fact, it is meant to be carried inside a pocket or a purse, disguised as a keychain. 7 Best Automatic Knives (Review) in 2020. Still, you need to consider your options well, especially if you want to get the best keychain knife on the market. This tiny knife may be thinner than most car keys, but it’s strong enough for household tasks or for use on a camping trip. The MTech MT-A882 has one of the most compelling profiles of any keychain knife. If you are looking to upgrade your knife collection, then make sure you read our pen knives review. Even if you buy a keychain knife online, the criteria for choosing one remains the same as when you buy one from a store. They are great to have along with ... 10 Best Pocket Knife Under $100 in 2020. At just $8, this is one of the cheapest knives from the house of iconic knife maker Gerber. Buying a good quality keychain swiss army knife needs a lot of research and patience. The stout design of the 3Cr13 1 2/5 inch stainless steel, stonewashed blade and robust, contoured handle mean you can really lean into the task at hand without fear. is amazing to look at but this does not mean you want to hang it around your dog’s neck. The blade is usually made of steel, most common being AUS 8A, 3CR13, and 420C stainless steel. This makes it readily available and handy when needed. Benchmade Infidel Knife OTF Double Action Automatic. These days, knives come in various forms. Guides, Knives. 10 Best Tactical Pens in 2020. Sharpen this baby at least once every six months. Suchen keychain knife 2020 free Discount Promotions und beste Online Coupons, Kaufen keychain knife auf Ermäßigung Preis für weniger mit Billig /Kostenlos Versand FireStash ($11) The rest of our keychain tools are for fastening, prying, cutting, or opening. They are sharing space with your keys and other tools so they will be more exposed to regular wear and tear. They offer everything that is desired in a keychain knife. Well-built and sturdy, this knife is small enough to disappear in your pocket (it’s half the size of a standard house key). Now we have listed 19 great keychain knives lets look at why owning a keychain knife is great for any everyday carry. When you step outside your home, you may need to cut various objects occasionally. Great EDC kit. This is an impressive tool but this is not the knife you want to use when carving up the turkey on Thanksgiving. See also: 7 Best Karambit Knives: Folding And Fixed Blade Options. The knife is 4.5 inches when open and 2.5 inches when closed. However, they’re also quite adept at making multi-tools, as is exemplified by their keychain-friendly Crosscut. The size, combined with the fiberglass reinforced nylon, makes this knife ultralight. It’s like a diminutive version of a regular pocket knife. Best Neck Knife: 10 Stellar Options at Your Disposal for 2020, Best Pocket Knives Under $100: Budget Friendly Options For 2020, Best Camping Knife: 10 Excellent Options For 2020, Best Pocket Knife Brands: From High-end to Affordable Quality Knives for EDC, Best Rescue Knife for 2020: Top Picks for First Responders, Best Survival Knives: 10 Dependable Options In 2020, The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2020: Tough Blades for Demanding Users, The 10 Best SOG Knives in 2020 for EDC and Survival. We love the KeySmart Mini Knife because it’s super inconspicuous. The company is over 70 years old, and has several generations of fans and followers. Knives Flashlights Multitools Watches Pens Gadgets Keychains Wallets Bags Notebooks. The 2.1-inch blade and the ergonomic handle have been constructed from high-quality stainless steel. The Best … The hard and fast geometry of the Samurai evokes timeless Asian design cues while retaining the type of superior functionality you’d expect from the best keychain knife. This Swiss+Tech Silver 7-in-1 Key Ring Multitool boasts a knife, two screwdrivers, an awl, an LED flashlight and a bottle opener. The ideal weight shouldn’t be more than three ounces, and no more than four or five inches when open. With a little bit of practice, you can use your keychain knife to open up a bottle of brew. At 1.2 ounces, this might be heavier than the ones already discussed, but it delivers a powerful performance all-round. Conclusion on the SOG Centi II: One of the best budget keychain knives on the market today, this one is small and light enough to stack with your keys and strong enough for everyday use. Primary Sidebar. All these factors come together to make an ideal keychain knife. The best lightweight pocket knives give you the features and ergonomics you'd want from an EDC daily driver while weighing just 3 ounces, with some designs shaving enough grams to verge into ultralight territory at under 2 ounces. There is frame lock for improved security, a zipper attachment for easy access, and a thumb clip for easy deployment. Show contents. If you’re out in the wilderness on a two-day hike, use it to filet a fish. See also: The 10 Best Folding Knives For Self-Defense. File down your nails. Probably not, but they are useful for several purposes, from cutting open a package, to removing tags from new clothing, or defending yourself against wild cats. When is it not useful to have a knife on you? Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Assisted Opening Knife. Our handy guide to the best Ka-Bar knives features more great products like this. It’s bare bones simple; intended to be lightweight and effective. One will always be better than the other, depending upon the make, blade, and finish. Can they stand up against the bigger knives? He has worked everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, and also for public agencies. Cost: How much are you willing to spend on something the size of a house key? This full stainless steel knife is 2.63 inches when closed, weighs 0.9 ounces, and has a frame lock and a lanyard hole. At $12, this is a knife everyone will want to buy. This product guide was written by GearHungry Staff. The blade length is a little under two inches, and the overall length is 4.5 inches. The lock-back design ensures the blade remains in place. The size and weight of the knife is one of the first things to consider. It’s smaller than it appears in pictures but just as dependable and well-built as all of SOG’s other tactical gear. January 24, 2020. In an emergency, the knife can even cut open a seatbelt. These knives are so shockingly small that first-timers may wonder if they are of any use at all. The knife is part of Gerber’s Daily Carry collection, and is sturdier than all others in this collection. The Micron is flat enough and light enough to be easily carried on your keychain and the knife itself carries a limited lifetime warranty. The Lockback mechanism keeps the blade in place when open. Benjamin has a tremendous work ethic and is quite focused. While there are no doubt some precision type applications you can use the Kubotan keychain knife for it is first and foremost intended as a discrete self-defense item. There are a few pieces of EDC gear we believe everyone should carry with them at all times. The broad handle allows you to get a firm grip whether you’re opening boxes or carving tent poles. Other than that it’s all good. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Victorinox Wounded Warrior Swiss Army Knife go to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity set up to aid veterans wounded in conflicts instigated by the events of September 11, 2001. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. And that core group includes things like a wallet, keychain, flashlight, and — of course — a knife. Send us your questions and inquiries and we'll get back to you, asap. By Benjamin Roussey . He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online. For a small multipurpose tool that easily blends with your stack of keys, these ten knives are ideal picks. Everyday Carry is a reader-supported startup. No, this is not something you want to try to take on an airplane! The Promithi 151105 is an extremely effective keychain knife that behaves like a much larger knife It’s only 2 5/8 inches long when close and flat as a piece of cardboard so once you hook it up to your keychain you’ll likely forget it’s there until you need it. The blade of the STL is forged from surgical-grade 7Cr17MoV (say that 3 times fast!) Carry it in your pocket or hang it on your jacket zipper, this is a handy little tool to own. This is a knife that can put your pocket knife to shame. There’s everything here that you would ever desire from a tiny knife, and it performs beautifully. Buy on Amazon. Pros: (+) Lightweight and small (+) Blade is sharp and easy to sharpen (+) Textured handle with grip (+) Affordable Cons: (-) Liner lock is a little flimsy. Learn how your comment data is processed. The 10 Best Keychain Knives for 2020 . It manages to be both lightweight and sturdy while also being a joy to hold and it’s so flat that you may very well forget you’ve got it in your pocket. Read more about us. Yes, when you buy a good keychain knife, you get to carry a multi-utility tool with you all the time. Have a look at our list and choose the ones you like the most. It’s not as easy as using a nail file, but when you can feel them getting a bit too long and you have nothing but time to kill, do as the Romans do. They’ve been relatively quiet as of late except for a collaboration series of knives made with Kershaw, but in 2020 they have updated one of their best compact tactical knives with a spring-assisted flipper mechanism that’s tall enough to double as a guard against cutting yourself on your own knife in rough situations. The handle is a thermoplastic synthetic resin that’s tough as nails and the contours allow you to get a nice firm grip every time. Thankfully, technology had advanced far enough to let you carry a knife the size of a keychain. When closed, the knife is about 2.5 inches, and about 4.5 inches when fully open. Score. This knife has a closed length of 2.75 inches, and a total size of 5 inches. Make sure you also check our camping knives guide. If you like to engage yourself in outdoor activities, you should have the best keychain knives for survival in the wilderness oranydire circumstances. The 1 1/4 inch stainless steel blade on this SAK will come in handy if you work in a warehouse or you’re a tradesperson who never knows when you’ll need to cut away some sort of minor obstacle. Carry on. This is a versatile and aggressive blade that packs a lot of punch. Columbia River Knife and Tool Delilah’s P.E.C.K. One thing that most of us have on ourselves at all times are our keys. It isn’t without reason. See also: The 10 Best American-made Folding Knives, Pros: (+) Affordable (+) Tough and sturdy (+) Small and compact (+) Full stainless steel body Cons: (-) Blade has no replacement if broken. But it was the first tool man ever invented. That’s why they are compact, small, and lightweight, easy to carry on any keychain or lanyard. 10 Best Keychain Multi-Tools 2020 There are so many situations where a pocket knife, 10 Best Glues for Glass 2020 From beautiful bead projects to broken teacups, glue can ; 10 Best Wood Carving Tools 2020 Wood carving is highly rewarding hobby to take up. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but strong enough to rip wire, cut cardboard, and carve clamshell packaging, the 0.68-inch fine edge stainless steel blade is great for all tasks. The Cinder is a perfect, non-threatening EDC knife for anyone looking for a capable knife that fits on a keychain. The handle is made of rugged G10 material that won’t rot or corrode and allows the knife to retain a lightweight overall profile. Just don’t allow your ten year old to take it school, that may not go over too well! Simple cutting tasks such as opening packages or cutting cardboard boxes are what the knife is made for. Affordable, sharp, and sturdy enough for everyday tasks, it is built to last and designed for the maximum convenience and portability. While you are here, make sure you also check our hunting knives guide. Conclusion on the CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K. Top Rated Best Keychain Knives Of 2020. Want to have some lightweight yet a sturdy constructed tool for your everyday need? Aug 12, 2020. A pocket knife that's t . Check Price Now ! The 2 1/8 inch blade is fashioned from 420 high carbon steel so you’ll always have a razor sharp blade and that blade locks open to eliminate the chance of mishaps. A: We know that self-defense is the best reason, but what else can you get out of carrying a keychain knife? Cut some fruit out on the go. The 283 Nano Bantam keychain knife from Buck eschews the strict utilitarian profile of their Mini Buck Folding knife in favor of the more imposing and, frankly, pleasing profile of the standard folding pocket knife (complete with nail notch on the blade). Now he writes professionally for several clients that covers one sector of our economy to another. This little keychain knife by Cold Steel ticks all the right boxes: lightweight, small, unassuming, affordable, sharp enough to cut open a box or a seatbelt, and easy to open with one hand. Throw in the fact that it’s around 10 bucks and it makes a great stocking stuffer come holiday time. The knife is small enough to blend with your stack of keys, so you can carry it along everywhere. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Black, 58mm. Therefore, whether you buy a keychain knife online or from a store, several factors must be considered before purchase, from the blade, to size, to the design and cost. Cutting Through: 10 Best Survival Machetes for 2020, The Best Survival Knife Sharpeners in the Industry for 2020. This is a stellar product but it does not mean this is something you should buy your two-year-old child! This is about as close as you’ll get on this list of Best Keychain Knives to your grandfather’s keychain knife. In this video, you will find the top 5 best keychain knife on the market below: 1. It features an imitation wood polyoxymethylene thermoplastic handle that’s made to last and the 1 5/8 inch blade has the familiar nail notch so you can open it in a hurry. The handle is uber-comfortable and the whole thing closes up to a tidy 3 inches. 5. Guides, Knives. Whether you want a budget or expensive knife, these keychain knives are all terrific and handy enough for daily tasks. If you don’t need the knife for much, then $5 knife will suffice, but if you need more functionality, then there are more expensive options. The small size of the knife is ideal for carrying it everywhere from work to camping, without scaring anyone away with a sharp weapon. But don’t even think about using this tool to spread the butter on your pancakes. It might seem like an easy task to buy a keychain knife because they cost so little, but some of them can be frustrating to use and the bad ones can even slice off the top of your finger. But don’t worry – we have compiled here the perfect list of Top 10 Best Mini Knife For Keychain for you. Pop out the keychain knife; it works like a charm. Whether it’s for a hunting knife or not, it has to be sharp. The blade is constructed of high-quality VG-10 steel, while the handle is fiberglass reinforced nylon, a standard on all Spyderco knives. Many keychain knives on the market won’t let you spend a fortune on the purchase, and it’s one of the greatest things about purchasing such a product. Spyderco is known for making multi-utility tools, but you cannot admire the Manbug enough until you hold it in your hand. Click on one of the links to go directly to our overview, opinion, and features of each knife. EDC knives do not have a specifically defined length but as a general rule of thumb, knives that are carried on a daily basis generally tend to be best found in the 2.5” to 4.5” range. Nite Ize DoohicKey Keychain Knife, Folding Pocket Knife for Keychain, Green. Even though the class and quality of the products remain the same, Gerber now designs their products keeping in mind the unique and specific challenges of the modern world. The Best Keychain Multi-tools in 2020 - Part of putting together your EDC is knowing what tools you'll need on an average day, but it's hard. Conclusion on the Kershaw Cinder: For a budget keychain knife to stack with your keys, the Kershaw Cinder is a stellar pick. That would impress no one! The Micron from SOG features a 1 1/2 inch high carbon blade with a tanto shape that comes to a fairly aggressive point. The program enables us to earn money by linking to and affiliated websites. Keychain flashlights should be compact and durable. The Best New Knives and EDC of September 2020 Benchmade announced a new custom option for a famous folder, Leatherman made a limited-edition multi-tool, VSSL revealed an … Victorinox’s Classic keychain pen knife is available in an updated form where the red plastic body is replaced with their “Alox” metal sheathing. You want to eat healthy, but it’s simpler to buy a bag of fries. Well, knock off that excuse. Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, CA. is sharp in the figurative sense – who says aesthetics does not matter?!) Product Name. SOG is known for making high-quality utility and survival tools, and this little guy doesn’t disappoint. The blade, which locks in place securely when opened, gives the STL an overall length of 5 1/8 inches, which means it’s definitely flirting with the upper limits of the keychain knife. All rights reserved. Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife – Pocket Folding Knife. Check the rest of the Swiss Army Knives selection in our extensive guide. There are various types of keychain knives available today. Here are ten quick reasons to own one: Nothing is better than having a useful tool in a pinch, but nothing is worse than having that tool crap out on you. BEST SWISS ARMY KNIFE. It’s a scary world out there, and you can never be too prepared. Oh yeah, they also come in handy opening boxes and envelopes, helping you strip wire so you can hang that pendant lamp and to cut bait when you’re out fishing. When it’s hanging from your keychain, it looks just like a bottle opener or another harmless tool. The Gerber GDC Zip Blade is a daily use pocket knife. When you’re out on the jobsite and your hands get disgusting, use your keychain knife to pick the gunk out of under your nails. The two flat edges can be used for chiseling, scraping, or fixing screws. Conclusion on the Spyderco Manbug: This is a quality keychain knife if you don’t mind spending $35. The weight and the size of the knife make it ideal for carrying in your pocket or putting together with your keys. The blade locks open securely to prevent possible mishaps and the anodized stainless steel handle provides a remarkably firm grip for such a small knife. Since a keychain knife is tiny, the easiest blade shape to achieve is the drop point, although there are other shapes too, such as a serrated blade. The Cold Steel Micron by SOG is not your grandfather’s keychain knife. As mentioned earlier, the handle offers excellent grip, despite the size. If yes, then give a chance to Gerber keychain knife a 1 oz tool that excels all features that you are looking in your EDC knife. It also happens to be an extremely high quality piece of compact everyday carry that is both the keychain knife it professes to be and something more altogether. That would be ridiculous! That’s because they’re not cleaning it. Tonife takes a slightly different approach to the keychain knife and in the process answers the question “Why can’t a keychain knife be full tang?” We love the way this pocket rocket looks and feels. Buy the fruit, slice it with your keychain knife. Published 10:11 am. Designed for both utility and protection, this keychain knife will give you peace of mind, wherever you go. Even when wet, there’s little chance it’s going to slip out of your hand and get lost somewhere. 7. Table of Contents; Introduction. The Curve multi tool lives up to its name while putting its curves to work in a way that allows you to bring extraordinary force to bear on the cutting surface. This pocket-knife is extremely lightweight, durable and ready to use. When open the knife is 5 inches long and weighs only 1.3 ounces. Conclusion on the Spyderco Bug SS: Possibly the tiniest keychain knife you can find, the Bug SS is cute to look at and comfortable and easy to use. This gun-gray self-defense is made of aluminum alloy handle with a stainless steel blade and brass bolt. On the downside, this can make the handle break easily when used for rough jobs. Check Price. And someone may call 911 on you! You’ve filled a hole in your tire with a sealant, but you want to cut the nub off so it doesn’t scrape on the way home. Just don’t expect to ever carry this baby on your keychain. If there’s one drawback to the Centi I keychain knife it’s the lack of a locking mechanism. The flat blade shape lets you put your thumb along the back in a firm grip for maximum strength while cutting. The aggressive forward arc of the knife along with the wide 5CR16 stainless steel blade means you can bring all kinds of force to bear on whatever you’re doing. The handle is usually made from glass filled nylon for maximum durability and ease of use. Weighing only 0.8 ounces, the knife comes for under $7, and is ideal for everyday use. With a 2 3/4 inch, spring assisted, turquoise stainless steel blade, black nylon handle and one-handed deployment this little guy will be there when you need it whether you’re jammed into a crawl space or find yourself under assault from weasels intent on doing you harm. Sharing is caring! We’ve put together a collection of great keychain knives that are practical, functional and may one day even save your life. The Kubotan keychain knife was developed as a self-defense weapon by Takayuki Kubota in the late 1960s. Conclusion on the SOG Micron 2: This little knife is perfect for all urban purposes, from opening boxes to cutting cords. At only 0.64 ounces, this is one of the lightest, tiniest, and most portable keychain knives you can ever get. Top 10 Best Keychain Swiss Army Knife Our Picks 2020. The ergonomics of the two-finger handle are impressive, with a deep finger choil, good grip, and a flat bottom. The blade and other pointy accessories can help you harm someone who is attacking you. And bigger isn't always better. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. of Phoenix (2006) where he attributes his writing prowess. There are “futuristic” looking keychain knives and then there’s the Gerber Curve. Check out our review of the best boot knives for our top picks. He has lived in Korea and Saudi Arabia where he was an ESL instructor. While not designed specifically for self-defense, a Swiss Army knife-type tool could help you out in an emergency. Pros: (+) Lightweight and sturdy (+) Small enough to fit in a keyring (+) Grippy handle and sharp blade Cons: (-) Doesn’t come with a pocket clip (-) Expensive at $20. It has a secure lock back feature that protects your fingers from … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Cold Steel is a company that’s been around for a long time, so coming from them, this knife is definitely impressive. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON . Gerber STL 2.0 Knife [22-41122]: Are you fed up with your old heavyweight Keychain knife? Pros: (+) Light and compact construction (+) Sharp stainless steel blade and textured synthetic handle (+) Lock-back design Cons: (-) Handle might break with heavy-duty tasks. Currently he lives in the Phoenix area after living in Cabo San Lucas, MX for 3 years. If your little one can’t separate his LEGO pieces, you’re stuck doing it for them. You can use it for opening boxes, cutting rope, and even warding off attackers. There’s a stainless steel lanyard notch that also doubles as a glass breaker and a bottle opener so that you can celebrate with a frosty brew after you’ve extricated yourself from that overturned wreck. If you’re always waiting for something to happen, for someone to strike, you’re not alone. The lanyard hole lets you attach the knife to a keychain or bag, while the bottle opener comes as an additional useful tool. Score. My personal favorite EDC knives are generally 3” or 3.25”. If you want a blade more than anything else, along with a classic but compact style, this stainless steel design is durable and won’t draw attention. In the case of this Kubato, it has a 4 inch stainless steel blade that is concealed inside an anodized black aluminum handle. The 420 steel blade is 2.25 inches and has a black finish. Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Cold Steel is known for making some of the best knives and utility tools, and it doesn’t disappoint with the Micro Recon 1 keychain knife. 3. Contents. Very bad! 02 | THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A KEYCHAIN KNIFE,, The Centi knives by SOG are meant to go with you everywhere. This is a different version of the Micron 1 from SOG and weighs only 1.4 ounces and comes with a keychain-ready size, lockback mechanism, and tanto design. Pros: (+) Unique design (+) Strong blade (+) High quality Cons: (-) Handle feels flimsy (-) Expensive. Trending Gear Buying Guides Submit. The blade folds down to 2.5 inches and comes with a wide loop for attaching directly to keys or a ring. Given the wide range of keychain knives available on the market, picking the right one can be confusing. At 2 7/8 inches when closed the Mini Buck slips easily into the pocket of your jeans or tactical pants. 5/5; 1 rating; 1 rating X. comes with a 1.75-inch wharncliffe blade made that’s constructed from 3Cr13 steel, and has a non-reflective black coating and a thumb stud for ease of one-handed opening. If you find yourself using it on a frequent basis for household things, then sharpen it once every three months. The knife is good for light-duty tasks such as opening packages or cutting ropes, or for use around a campsite. At 2.5mm, the blade may be on the thicker side, but it comes razor sharp. You can get one online for as little as $5. You can even get knives in the form of a keychain. If you wish to own a knife that looks different from the rest, the Boker Plus CLB Subcom Titan is a judicious choice. Everyday Carry is a reader-supported startup. There’s a hole at the bottom of the handle for inserting your keyring. 9. For everyday use in a variety of situations, you’re unlikely to find anything better that will perform as reliably as this. Everyday Carry is a reader-supported startup. The high carbon blade retains a nice sharp edge and resharpens easily when need be. Best Mini Knife For Keychain In November 2020. Gerber is known for making high-quality knives and utility tools, and this keychain knife is no less than perfection. A tactical money clip that’s also a first class keychain knife. This is an extremely versatile Swiss Army knife in the classic SAK tradition with 1 large and one smaller blade, standard screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, bottle and can opener, scissors and more all compressed into a remarkable flat profile with the Wounded Warrior Project logo. The blade is fashioned from 400 carbon steel so it will always sharpen up fast and the whole thing weighs less than an ounce. Below we’re going to look the 20 best keychain knives out there as determined by our product review panel. You’ll be surprised that these knives often offer better value compared to their bigger counterparts. Conclusion on the Gerber LST Ultralight Knife: If you’re looking for a solid keychain knife under $10 for light duty tasks, this is an ideal choice. Safer than Karambit knives and more convenient than a Spyderco knife, the Kershaw Blur Knife is our best choice of folding and pocket knives you’ll currently find on the market. Check Price at Amazon. But the Curve is more than just a tough, light, durable stainless steel blade. There’s also a secure locking liner for easy opening and closing. The Spyderco Bug SS is also one of the cheapest keychain knives available today, at only $12. : For attention to detail and brilliant craftsmanship, the Delilah’s PECK is a top-notch product. Guides, Pens. Login. With that said, let’s look at the factors to consider when buying a keychain knife. Blade: The ideal blade length of keychain knives is between one and two inches. Contents. That being said, self-defense is one of the root reasons behind why people carry EDC. Your dog will not like that and that would be absurd! The SOG Centi II is a tiny but versatile knife meant for everyday light duty tasks. It comes super sharp and can also be sharpened easily if need be. However, larger ones can cause problems with law enforcement. Of course, not everyone has the ability to carry nor the room for a full-sized everyday carry blade. Plus, it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects your KeySmart Mini Knife against normal wear and tear. This SZHOWORLD Aluminium Pocket Knife Keychain is a tiny helper that gifts you a safe everyday life. Pick a splinter out by pressing the tip of the knife against the splinter on one side, your finger on the other, and presto—it comes out so easily. We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase … Throw in SOG’s Tri-Ad lock mechanism that will protect your fingers come hell or high water and you’ve got an outstanding keychain knife. 2. He has an MBA in Global Management from the Univ. Cleaning – One of the biggest problems that users have with a pocket knife or keyring knife, is that it jams up or becomes hard to use. The ergonomic handle is also made of steel. Pros: (+) Lightweight and sturdy (+) Full stainless steel construction (+) Affordable Cons: (-) Black finish on blade wears off easily. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he was on a baseball pitching scholarship. Carry your keychain knife with you responsibly and keep it out of sight when you’re out and about. It’s all about how you maintain it.