KDE e GNOME sono due ambienti desktop (raccolta di software che forniscono certe funzionalità e un aspetto per i sistemi operativi) che vengono eseguiti su sistemi operativi che utilizzano X Window System (principalmente Unix, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD e Mac OS X). At GNOME, we’re building technology, a community, the next generation of free and open source software contributors, and a better future of computing technology designed for everyone. Gnome, KDE và Xfce là các môi trường máy tính để bàn phổ biến nhất cho Linux. Gnome vs KDE . KDE vs GNOME: Comparison Updates. 저는 KDE 1.0이 처음 나왔을 때에 잠깐 썼고 그 후에 이런 저런 윈도우 메니저를 쓰다가 gnome이 나오면서 gnome에 정착했습니다. yer, im not trying to start a gnome vs kde war or anything although i think kde looks better, but gnome is better intergrated. GNOME primarily uses the GTK+ toolkit, while KDE primarily uses the Qt toolkit. I have been a long time Ubuntu user; and the one thing I have noticed about KDE is that the apps are FAR more feature rich and well integrated than the Gnome apps. While the UI might not be quite as intuitive as something like KDE vs. GNOME:一位用户的经验之谈 ChinaByte Linux专区授权转载 . Last edited by dyscoria (2008-03-24 20:20:26) flack 2.0.6: menu-driven BASH script to easily tag FLAC files knock-once 1.2: BASH script to easily create/send one-time sequences for knockd . If you need something lightweight then look at xcfe or MATE or cinnamon - all of which are in EPEL. The GNOME desktop environment receives fewer updates in the year compared to KDE. I would have said Gnome, hands down, just a short while ago. FYI, I actually use fluxbox . but the reality is different. you can even customize the login screen. https://www.slant.co/versus/1124/4160/~gnome-3_vs_kde-plasma I realize that many of you are shaking your heads thinking either that battle never got off the ground or it was won long ago. Mit diesem Vergleich der beiden Kandidaten geben wir Ihnen einen Überblick über die Unterschiede bei der Oberfläche, der Benutzerfreundlichkeit und mehr. GNOME, KDE en Xfce zijn de meest populaire desktopomgevingen voor Linux. GNOME and KDE are Desktop Environments. You don't have to. I have different priorities and a different taste than you, hence I made a different choice. Which is better for openSUSE, Gnome or KDE? Over many years, many people spent a long time with Linux desktop using either Linux can be customized to a great extent. KDE gives you very powerful customization options. The long-term effects of the GNOME Foundation, which brings GNOME developers together with the likes of Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sun, and VA Linux, remain to be seen as the Foundation has not opened for business yet. Gnome vs. KDE steht in der Linux-Welt für den uralten Kampf der Desktop-Oberflächen. Nhưng người dùng có kinh nghiệm thích một năm qua cho các cân nhắc về … Like detection of my usb mic, compiz works better in gnome, my lcd widescreen. and you will understand it once you start using it that it is not lightweight. If you have an unlimited data plan or you belong to a country where the internet plans are cheap and you use a rolling release Linux distro such as Arch Linux, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, etc, you won’t be annoyed with the updates of KDE. Some people say that KDE is lightweight. 어째 kde vs gnome 얘기하다 발제자인 제가 삼천포로 빠지는 기분이 들긴 합니다만.. :oops: 어쨌든 동일한 어플리케이션을 IA32 니 IA64 니 Power 니 하는식으로 별도로 개발 유지하는것도 꽤나 낭비라는 생각이 들어서 말입니다.. IMO, neither gnome nor KDE can be seen as lean and mean. By all means, please be happy with KDE and I'm happy for you that you found an environment that works for you. GNOME is e.e. User Experience. 作者:Kevin 笔者想通过这篇文章跟大家分享一些自己在KDE与GNOME方面的一些经验,希望能给大家一些帮助。 KDE与GNOME是很类似的:它们在本质上都是桌面环境,必须和窗口管理器配合使用,以提供类似于MS-Windows、OS/2、CDE De meeste mensen gebruiken uiteindelijk de standaard desktopomgeving die wordt geleverd met hun favoriete Linux-distributie. It offers a desktop environment for every user. Don’t look for XFCE numbers. Gnome says: ‘KDE!, you fundamentally flawed, practically driven, coarse bonehead!’ … For example, KDE is trying to be practical (or so it seems) by giving solutions to practical problems, and is somewhat neglecting ‘philosophies’ or belief systems in general, Gnome on the other hand, relies on a lot of ideals and is extremely cautious about its choices. KDE and GNOME are two desktop environments (collection of software that provides certain functionality and a look and feel for operating systems) that run on operating systems that use X Window System (mostly Unix, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X). kde官方不仅仅是做桌面,kde旗下软件生态这一块真的是其他桌面没法比的。 KDE官方很多优秀原生软件Windows下都很难有替代品可以代替的。 另外就我在国外网站的长时间观察,老外们对manjaro的好感和好评大都是来自于KDE的评价,都大部分是夸奖manjaro的KDE桌面环境版本做得很好很出色,KDE体验最 … GNOME vs. KDE. Quoting: Linuxwarper And I can't say see what makes Gnome so special that I would chose to sacrifice SIGNIFICANT amount of memory for it. Eu amo o KDE, mas poderia usar o Gnome tranquilamente; não sei mas deve ter sido por conta do Ubuntu e suas extensões, mas o desempenho em meu ideapad 310 não foi muito bom, mas só testei o 17.10 eu acho… Fedora já testei, cheguei a usar, acho o Gnome muito bonito no Fedora. etc. Здесь невозможно говорить какая среда лучше или хуже. 당시에는 QT가 open source가 아니어서 KDE를 안쓰게 되기도 했지만 가장 큰 이유는 Look & Feel이라고 해야 할 것 같습니다. cummings, whereas KDE is Alfred Lord Tennyson. While KDE's development still appears to be a fairly monolithic arrangement, the younger GNOME has attracted the attention of a more diverse corporate community. Lately, KDE has been on a tear and Plasma runs like a lightweight desktop environment. I like both KDE and Gnome - though I like gnome a bit more. There are applications designed for GNOME or KDE, such as a settings menu or a default music player, usually in the appropriate toolkit. GNOME users include everyone using GNOME technologies, whether you’re using the GNOME desktop environment, building your own software using GTK, or packaging and sharing apps on Flathub. KDE desktop environment is for you if you are fond of themes, appearances, and customization. Redhat have announced that KDE will be deprecated in a future major version of RHEL so CentOS 7 is the last version that will ship with it included as part of the distro. That was then, this is now. You will need Wine to run an exe in linux. В этой статье мы попытаемся сравнить XFCE vs Gnome vs KDE. For some reason, everything seems to work better in gnome i've found. Well that's my 2 cents in the age-old KDE vs GNOME. Well, pretty close anyway. Gnome vs KDE . Как вы увидите, XFCE рассчитана на более слабые компьютеры и не может соревноваться с такими гигантами, как KDE или Gnome. although i love kde and gnome the same Maar ervaren gebruikers geven er de voorkeur aan om dit jaar te gebruiken vanwege overwegingen met betrekking tot bruikbaarheid, prestaties, ontwerp of aanpasbaarheid. Hầu hết mọi người cuối cùng sử dụng môi trường máy tính để bàn mặc định có phân phối Linux ưa thích của họ. It's not too late, here's where to buy the next-gen gaming console.