There’ve been numerous researches conducted to observe the effects of working mothers on children. Considering the traditional view of motherhood and parenting, this condition raises the question regarding children’s welfare while their mothers are engaging in professional work. H04: Working mothers frequent visit to their children’s schools do not have any impact on their children educational development. Mothers informed the researchers that at times working had a negative impact on their children because after work mothers were sometimes too tired to interact as much with children as the children would have liked. In non-work ways, however, sons may be influenced by their working mothers, the study suggests. H0 4: Working mothers frequent visit to their children's schools do not have any impact on their children educational development . H0 5: Children of working mothers will be actively involved school extra curriculum activities . They spend an extra 50 minutes each week caring for family members. ...women began entering the working force, the debate has been looming over whether working mothers or full-time mothers are better mothers to their children. Some suppose mothers’ employment favorable for children while others oppose it. Mothers’ involvement in the labor force displays significant increase in the last decade as well as reliance to non-parental child care. Granted, society’s views about working moms and the impact they have on their children have improved over time. However mothers that mange to control their emotional and balance their time in the work place and also home give a positive impact toward the child behaviour. Sons are influenced in other ways when their moms work. Different people have different views about the impact of mothers’ job on child development. Employment of mothers and child development in Pakistan In Pakistan, there is almost found a debate on child development and mother’s employment. valued what time they were able to spend with their children. It is an important issue because it concerns the effects that it might have on these parents’ children, which are soon to be the leading generation in the society. The research shows that there are no significant detrimental effects on a child's social or emotional development if their mothers work during their early years. Working mothers 'don't harm their children's development', major study reveals ... "There was evidence in some cases of a small negative impact [of women returning to work… Few studies have suggested that working moms risk damaging their children’s prospects on the school and job fronts. H05: Children of working mothers will be actively involved school extra curriculum activities. Are working moms bad for children? The way you bond with your baby in the earliest months and years will leave a deep impact on your child’s overall well-being and development. The topic has always been debatable and a big source of guilt to working moms. The mother and child relationship you create with your child during the earliest years will greatly influence the way your child behaves in social and emotional settings, especially in later years. One of the benefit from working mother is the child have the opportunity to gain different experience from the day child care centre when the mother is working.