They also hope to allow other mods to be used alongside Skyrim Together.. -Inspired by the Skyrim versions that almost did the same. save hide report. I would like to have conversions of vanilla armor/clothes for children, and by conversion I mean modified meshes that fit a child's body, not just scaled vanilla meshes. Showcasing a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that allows you to kill children. Thanks to a nice little mod made by WhiteWolf424242 called "I'm Glad You're Here," you can now give hugs to your followers, your spouse, and any adopted kids you might have in Skyrim. Terrible textures, etc, etc. 19.6k. Shouldn't cause any issues. This mod doesn't mean you have to kill children, it just removes the immortality from children. as for the eye drops, have you looked around on the skyrim SE nexus list lately? Support us on Like us on Facebook! Well there is no script files or anything with this mod, it is just cosmetic changes. So if you ever want to switch to the original child replacer, go for it. I don't want a loli mod. Like say for instance, A L By immersive I mean It looks like it couldve been in the main game. As for the armor issue, whenever you put adult clothes on the kids, and you have a mod that alters those adult clothes that uses an esp, the kids will wear your altered version. And by immersive I dont mean realistic, in fact these two words are probably the opposite of each other. Also, I don't like lore-breaking fantasy child armors like these at … Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! There’s a controversial Skyrim mod called “Immersive Children” that’s hit the top charts over at Nexus. Which means if there's a dragon in the town, it can permanently kill a child I don't know about you, but it takes me right out of the game when a dragon flies by and 3 people die to it's fire but the kid right in the middle just gets back up. Aside from marrying and having your spouse cook dinner for you, there is decidedly limited spousal interaction. I play on Xbox. If you are using a PC, you can download this mod which will allow you to adopt children from Riften, if you really want a little brat. For a while, there was a mod available that made children killable. (I made this from scratch, but I had a look at his patch first) -I have not tested this patch much, so please post a msg here if something is wrong or missing. The creator of Immersive Children … I was told it's possible to have children as long as my character has sex with the same species, and I was wondering if it was possible, so is it? I made use of this wonderful opportunity and noticed they had death sounds just like adult NPC's. 17.9k. Thank you for the mod, this looks to work well except for the faint but noticable hum during her dialog. Just a simple patch to allow RS Children to wear armors and clothes. I really have no idea which mod to choose so please help me decide. No customization. This has been bugging me for a long time. - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Discussion: Does anyone know any good mods for childrens clothing? Hell, even a spell or artifact that ages children and adults instantly is more realistic. If there isnt one out for SSE, would anyone be willing to take up the torch to make a new one? 1) A mod that just makes those retard children in skyrim a race. Each mod will have slightly different instructions for installing, so be sure to follow the steps the creator has provided carefully. The mod developers aim to allow Skyrim Together games to host 2-8 players in a co-op mode.The “ultimate goal” for the devs is to create a bug-free, co-op version of the “vanilla experience” without any major alterations from beginning to end. Today, I will go over three special mods that have been released during the past two weeks, which goes to show you just how active this community still is. What me and SMIFFY were discussing is a lot more realistic. 2) "Children of the Sky" which is a Loli mod. Pretty much everything you can think of adding to Skyrim exists in mod form or is being worked on. there have probably been "young follower" mods before as I have heard of the "many child mods" however I have also heard of the purges of them that also happens. The mod idea doesn't fit the time that actually passes in-game, so it makes no sense. Page 1 of 2 - An actually LEGIT Children race - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: There are only two types of Children's mods on the entire Internet. So I feel like over the past couple of years there’s been more and more entitlement in this community (e.g Fallout and This isn’t the first mod that allows you to do this, and some argue that invincible children breaks the immersion in this type of game. Page 1 of 2 - Immersive "Have your Own Child"-Mod - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: So I know there are already two mods out there but none of them are really immersive. It's gone now sadly (although there are still ways heheh, those interested in the dark arts should PM me). How to have children (Console Commands) - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: I kind of made up a lot of character lore as the game progressed, so I thought It was only fair that the dragonborn could have kids (no mods required) Spoiler My character Austinson married the Miner Sylgja from Shor's Stone. New Skyrim Mod Makes Children Playable. I got my 58 year old dad into Skyrim this summer and he hit 1,000,000 gold. Posted by 2 days ago. Lets get to the point, how about a mod that allow the players have their own children? I don't play Skyrim for the boner. Something able to be bought or even crafted. I've never crossed 100,000. Sims in skyrim it's like SIMSrim where you grow your little family, and your children are dragonbloded too, little kid goes FUS RO DAH and sends bandits flying. If you are a Khajiit, the effects will be like that of a drug - similar to how catnip affects cats in the real world. Let's not forget the fact that every child in Skyrim has the same ugly face. Have your own children - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: Well i suppose that most of yours are tired of raise the kids of other people, why you can´t have a baby dovahkiin? I get so bored with the Vanilla outfits given to kids and would like some new ones to hand the kids at home as a gift. Mods for Children's Clothing? Alas, they can't go to the bathroom on their own, wet themselves, and then when trying to use the cooking spit start a fire that burns down your house. No, it is not possible to have children in Skyrim. A new Skyrim mod puts a wholesome spin on an old NPC abusing add-on by making children playable and giving them all the Dragonborn's abilities. PlayStation Plus Subscribers Will Be Able To Pick Up Titanfall 2 For Free In December. share. This mod adds dried catnip to Skyrim, purchasable from the Khajiit caravans. 706 comments.