Wilson clash 100 SPECS From the baseline, the Clash 100 offers a seductive blend of comfort and speed. Overall the Wilson Clash 98 is a versatile, accessible frame for intermediate and advanced level players. The thing with a smaller head size though is that it needs more weight to play stable. ", Anthony - "Comfort, accuracy, easy access to the spin, cross-court shots and explosive power while on the attack. At 9.4 oz (265 g) unstrung, this racket provides excellent maneuverability for easy, free-swinging accuracy. Wilson are the most widely played rackets worldwide in no small part thanks to a certain Roger Federer who’s been their biggest fan and marketing asset for his whole career. So, it is the most popular racquet for international tennis players. It's such a maneuverable racquet, with great access to power and spin. The modern tennis player demands power and control and this requirement was at the core of the technology used in the Clash. All content copyright 2018 Tennis Warehouse. You'll find more information on cookies at, Stay up to date on arrivals and special offers, Shop Early - Shipping Carrier Delays Expected, Click here to see all Tennis Warehouse reviews. Wilson Clash 100 is an interesting option for tennis players with arm problems. All in all, the Wilson Clash 100 is like no other racquet out there and is well worth a try! Wilson applied the technological advancement to the Clash 100 because it provides players with surprising advantages. ", The playtesters all tapped into the Clash 100's potential to hit aggressive returns. Don't get me wrong, though, when hit in the sweetspot, the ball pocketing and feel were great. For the most part, the Clash 100 was able to do its job effectively. I liked it. We hit both the Wilson Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour, and I did enjoy the added weight of the Tour a little more. He said "There was good overall power with the Clash 100's serve. The Clash 100 was comfortable on both my forehand and backhand. ", Jason - "I'm not sure I can compare this Clash 100 directly to other racquets. He said, "Control was the main feature I noticed in the Clash 100, particularly on flatter groundstrokes. Hayden was highly complimentary, raving, "My favorite shot to hit with the Clash 100 was the volley. And Wilson Clash revolutionized the shortcomings. Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket review The Wilson Clash range was launched to huge fanfare back in early 2019. Sometimes when you get a little nervous on the serve it’s easy to lose racket head speed, but the Clash 100 encourages you to keep the racket moving quickly. ", Jason - "I love the unique, flexible feel. racquet, and that is what they have made. The Clash 100 was one of the very first racquets Brittany picked up after a two-month hiatus from tennis. Click the button below or email feedbacktw@tennis-warehouse.com to contribute your experiences with this product. Wilson’s Clash technology combination of StableSmart and FreeFlex have brought something new to the racquet industry. ", (Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores). The Clash 100UL packs the revolutionary flexibility and bending characteristics of the Clash franchise into the lightest frame of the line. Wilson Clash Tour Review: Playtest When I play with the tour I constantly find myself aiming for smaller and more aggressive targets because I continue to pinpoint whatever I aim for. ", Zśofia could start the point off aggressively with her return. Jason: 4.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. "Sure, the racquet twisted in my hand a couple of times, but I expected that. Anyone looking for more ball-pocketing, pop, feel, flexibility, stability & precision should give this racquet serious consideration. We got our hands on the Wilson Clash 100 Tour to see just what this hotly anticipated racket had to offer and whether it has truly changed the way we look at rackets.The promise of the Clash rackets is that they offer stability from a frame that isn’t too heavy or too stiff. Wilson Clash 98 Racquet Review – Pros and cons. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the Wilson Clash racquets to review and let me tell you, Wilson has done something quite spectacular with this tennis racquet. The power level is in the Babolat Pure Drive/Pure Strike range, but the Clash 100 is more maneuverable. Wilson was going for a “wow” factor 98 sq. To accommodate such a flexible frame construction, StableSmart features a unique String tension ⇒ 48-58lbs The Clash 100 was one of the very first racquets Brittany picked up after a two-month hiatus from tennis. Customer Reviews. Review date: February 2019. Liam is an ‘energetic all-court player’ and he “certainly agreed” it was suited to his style of play. He described, "I found it a little harder to get volleys to penetrate through the court with the Clash 100. This was especially noticeable when I flattened out my shots. Babolat-Pure Strike Review-(Best Tennis Racquet For Power) It is a modern player’s racquet. Uniquely coated in the spirit of tennis on red clay, the Clash 100 Roland Garros Edition features a pair of technologies that work together to create ultimate control. It is loaded with juxtaposed technologies, maintaining best-in-class stability with free-swingin… It covers the Blade Pro, Blade 102 SW Autograph and Burn 100 V4, and Clash 100 Pro. This is a review of the Wilson Clash 100 which is a unique frame from Wilson. With some added weight it could become my next racquet of choice, but for now I'm sticking to my Babolat Pure Strike. On the other hand, Marco experienced some ups and downs with his volleys. TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN REVIEW Recently we had a chance to play test the Wilson Clash 100 and the Wilson Clash 100 Tour an impressive new frame set with industry changing flexibility. FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. The Wilson Clash range was launched to huge fanfare back in early 2019. ", Hayden - "I like the control, feel and comfort that the Clash 100 provides. Wilson belooft met deze Clash de optimale balans tussen power en controle, waardoor het … Introducing Wilson Clash! For Optimal String Performance Wilson Recommends: In particular, the large sweetspot made it a very easy racquet on the arm. The racket gave me decent control but not much power especially when I was out of position where I needed to have a big swing.” Sue our baseline grinder felt she “had a great time hitting with the Wilson Clash 100. In fact, it’s one of the most flexible racquets on the market. It's a great weapon on the return. I wrote very positively about the Prototype version but felt like it played best with some lead tape. Wilson Clash 100 Tour. What separates the Clash 100L from its competitors is one of the lowest and most arm-friendly flex points in the market. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. The Wilson Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour are surely going to impress most players when they are released. “Even if I didn’t middle it the connection with the ball was solid. I found that the ball was moving through the court better with the Tour, and I could get a bit more stick on my shots." She said, "I had a ton of success on my first serve. Wilson Clash 100 Review: Features and Benefits. The modern tennis player demands power and control and this requirement is at the core of the technology used in the Clash. ", Hayden - "The Clash 100 has a unique feel compared to other frames. "I enjoyed taking big cuts at the ball any chance I got, knowing that the spin I could produce would help keep the ball in play. Wilson Clash 100 Pro (previously Tour) At 10.4 ounces (295g) unstrung, the standard Wilson Clash 100 above is a tad on the lighter side for many intermediate players. Wilson Clash 98 Racquet Review – Specs. Austin: Who ‘likes to win the point at the net’, has been playing for 15 years and who’s current racket is a Babolat Pure Drive. While they didn't see eye to eye on everything, everybody could agree that this racquet had impressive maneuverability and stability for its weight. I like the Clash 100's easy access to power and maneuverability as well. But choosing a racquet that will give you the power and drive you need to be a champ is not so easy. It truly gives me that 'whoa' sensation! (In other words you can blast your groundstrokes & serve and the ball will still go in!). Liam: An ‘energetic all-court player’ who’s been playing tennis for 10 years and uses the Yonex EZONE 98. Both the Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour are priced at $249. With varying playing styles, the playtesters definitely had some different opinions on every stroke. Zo weet dit racket als geen ander controle en power te combineren. Wilson Clash 98. As expected, the spin was great and gave my serves some added bite. That is why I was really excited to do this Wilson Clash Tour Racquet Review. Innovative Technology. To be fair that does make sense as it would be virtually impossible to create a racket that gave huge power with immense control. ... Read my Prince Textreme Tour 100 310 racquet review here. The amount of exposure and hype when the racket arrived was incredible. So if I was off my game I don’t think I would enjoy this racket.”, Sue professes to being a ‘baseline grinder’ and “absolutely” felt that this racket suited her style of play. ", "With a slightly lighter weight than I'm used to, I wasn't sure how this racquet would hold up on volleys," continued Brittany. If it’s a racket you like then you’d pay that price”. With a stiffness of only 55 RA, it is the best choice for players who have suffered from arm injuries. We’ve been the World’s leading destination for tennis fans & players for 15 years with the best news, analysis, opinion, writers, tennis racket & gear reviews, videos, competitions & social media commentary. FreeFlex uses proprietary carbon mapping to generate new dimensions of frame bending, giving players free-swinging accuracy with every stroke. Introducing Wilson Clash! ", Hayden had nothing but positives in this category. She elaborated, "I struggled a bit to put enough power on my first serves, but the Clash 100 worked really well for a slice second serve. As a fan of oversize racquets, I was really pumped to take the Clash 108 to the courts for a play test. Wilson Clash 100 Tour Racket Review. ; The Clash 100 Tour matches all the hype through a combination of best-in-class control and flexibility. ", Zśofia - "While there is a large sweetspot, if you hit the ball just outside of it you tend to lose power and control a bit more than I expected. Marco enjoyed the maneuverability of this racquet and never felt late or rushed on returns. It felt like it got pushed around against bigger hitters, and off-center shots definitely affected the torsional stability. Wilson LABS are basically the tech geeks that develop all the materials and technology for Wilson rackets and for the Clash they have invented Free Flex.